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Ranjit RajuVP of West CoastKnotch

Ranjit Raju is a business development executive with over a decade of experience working at the intersection of content and technology. He runs the West Coast for Knotch, including evangelism and strategic partnerships with brands in tech, telecom, finance, retail, ecommerce, and other major industries.

Earlier in his career, Ranjit studied content production at Emory University, the University of Southern California, and FAMU, and produced feature films that have been distributed by Paramount, Netflix and Hulu. Since pivoting to technology, Ranjit has dedicated his career to supporting content creators in all industries with better data and technology solutions.

As content marketing continues to grow, more brands are demanding transparent reporting on the performance of their content, and Knotch offers the solutions for quantitative and qualitative analysis. “Branded content has become an essential element of every brand’s marketing strategy, but the reporting process is broken,” said Raju. “Complete and accurate data are vital elements to a successful content marketing strategy, and when I saw the Knotch product roadmap & vision, I was eager to join.” Knotch is leading the charge in helping brands better understand their content performance and elevate the value of their content marketing programs.